Our Mission

The mission of the Masonic Theatre Preservation Foundation is to serve the greater Alleghany Highlands community with a variety of educational, entertainment, business and social programs; and to partner with organizations in need of a facility to host programs. By doing so, the Masonic Theatre and Amphitheatre will be utilized in providing first-class venues for performances as well as multi-use space for community activities.  As a result, the programs and activities in the Theatre will augment the area’s tourism, and economic and business development, while enticing more visitors to the Alleghany Highlands. The community will come together, supporting and encouraging educational and cultural programming initiated by and for the community.


To ensure a successful future, we are asking you to make a financial gift to The Masonic Theatre Preservation Foundation today. Any gift you can give will go right to work providing opportunities for artists and patrons.


Hours of Operation

Administrative Office
Tuesday-Friday, 10am-3pm
Box Office
Tuesday-Friday, 12pm-3pm

Contact Us

540-862-5655 or Email Us